Researchers or Proponents:

  • Researcher agrees to provide soft copies of the proposal and supplementary files of research for paperless review, and submit all the required documents or reports as requested by the Philippine Council for Health Reasearch and Development (PCHRD).
  • Researcher understands that his/her submission and all it contains will be forwarded to Technical Reviewers for review and that communications regarding the research proposal will be strictly between the Researcher, the PCHRD and the assigned Technical Reviewers.
  • Researcher understands that his/her research will be indexed in PCHRD Project Management System, and will be treated with confidentiality at all times.
  • Researcher understands that PCHRD may make available the general information and brief description or abstract of the research to the general public once the research is approved or completed. In no case however, shall public disclosure about the research be made, by the Researcher or by PCHRD,  which would constitute a prejudicial disclosure or compromise the full protection of intellectual property/ies, or include disclosure of confidential information.


Reviewers (Confidentiality Agreement):

  • Reviewer agrees that all documents or information, in whatever form, that he/she received and about to receive from PCHRD should be treated as CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION, and he/she is obliged to not disclose this information to any third party.
  • Reviewer understands that all information received is solely for the purpose of evaluating the viability of the project for PCHRD, and should not be used for any other purpose without the written consent of PCHRD and the proponent.
  • Reviewer agrees to not have any third party analyze any embodiment of the CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION unless expressly authorized by PCHRD, and any or all results of any such authorized analysis shall also be considered as CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION.
  • Reviewer agrees to destroy all paper copies or digital files of CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION provided by PCHRD once the evaluation is completed.